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Monday 13 June 2022

Fitness for the Ark: Are zoo bred amphibians ready to be wild?
By Luiza F. Passos

Outline: Amphibians have been going through a fungal pandemic for over 20 years, with entire populations disappearing as a result of Chytrid infections.  Captive breeding is becoming a crucial conservation tool with some species being dependent on reintroductions for long term survival and others only surviving ex-situ . However, how can we make sure the captive bred animals are ready to survive into the wild? Wildlife adapts quickly to captivity with a consequent reduction in wild survival ability. Thus, conservation programmes involving captive breeding could potentially be compromising the welfare of their animals and producing maladapted amphibians unsuitable for release. This talk will cover how using a multi-technique approach we are understanding how captivity is affecting amphibians survival skills and how we are trying to mitigate this consequences to improve the conservation value of zoo collections.

Luiza F. Passos is a Senior Lecturer in Wildlife conservation at Liverpool John Moores University. Her research is developed in partnership with Chester Zoo and Madagsikara Voakajy (Malagasy NGO) and is currently funded by Morris Animal Foundation and The British Herpetological Society.

Luiza is a Brazilian herpetologist that moved to the UK to pursue her PhD at the University of Salford investigating the effects of captivity in Reptiles and amphibians. She is also working in the Amazon with a Black Caiman sustainable management programme to aligns conservation with improving the livelihoods of communities based in the Brazilian Amazon.

Venue: The New Headingley Club, 56 St Michaels Road, LS6 3BG
Room opens 7:30, talk begins promptly at 7:45pm
Entry: Donation please for room hire and expenses: £3 at the door

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