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Until we can meet again face-to-face we will hold meetings online through the online video conferencing system zoom. If you haven’t used this before, you can learn more, sign up (it’s free!) and download the software from here:

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Monday 26th April at 7.30
“A walk on the wild sid
e – examining the impact of urbanisation on city biodiversity and ecological service production”
by Jonathan Sadler

The impact of urbanisation sprawl at city margins, and the intensification of landscapes in cities, on the loss of species and biotic homogenisation is well documented. However, the tracking of urbanisation impacts has garnered less interest. This discussion will emphasise the links between changes in urban form through to ecological processes and functions and finally to service provision. It will also address some of ways in which humans cause additional ecological disruption in cityscapes through pervasive issues such as noise and artificial light pollution at night (ALAN), including emphasising some of the unintended impacts that has on animal populations. Finally, we will consider why any of this is of any importance to city dwellers through recent burgeoning discussions and the theorisation of the therapeutic effects of access to nature for people.

Jon Sadler is a biogeographer and ecologist at the University of Birmingham. His research focuses on species population and assemblage dynamics in animals (sometimes plants). His work is interdisciplinary, bisecting biogeography, ecology, urban design, riparian management and island Biogeography. It uses approaches that combine detailed field studies, field and laboratory experimentation, sometimes with social science to examine the links between environmental variability and species (including humans) responses. His research has implications for understanding and responding to the impacts of climate and environmental change variability on urban and island ecosystems, hydrological systems, riparian/riverine ecology, the management/conservation of freshwaters.

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Our next online meeting will be:Our next online meeting will be:Monday 25th January at 7.30
“The Promise of Gravitational Waves” by Sue Bowler